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WeMailAmerica + Flowcode = Extend Your Message

With our partnership with Flowcode, every mailer with comes with a QR code that when used will extend your messaging.

Have the code re-direct your customer to your Website, Text Message, Email, Social Media, PDF, Google Doc, Image, YouTube, Call, WiFi, Venmo, Upload A File, An in-store offer, Your Menu, or anywhere you want to continue to promote what you do!

We will also be able to use your code to bring you specific proprietary custom customer data on who scanned your code and where! We Mail and Flowcode will make your mailers extended reach possible!

Is your marketing working?

Flowcode’s advanced analytics dashboard allows restaurant professionals to understand which marketing tactic worked best, drive online ordering and collect contact info from interested customers

Every mail campaign receives a Flowcode that never expires! We can use a different code for each campaign to understand the engagement rate of your campaign.

Flowcode Features

  • Customization: eye-catching designs that are 100% scannable

  • Dynamic: Update scan destination and track analytics at any time

  • Privacy Compliant: Flowcode follows the strictest data privacy standards

  • Resources: ready-to-print templates (flyers, postcards, and more) to highlight your code

  • Codes that last forever with unlimited scans


* Generic QR codes may not be privacy-focused, and often require you to pay to keep your code working… plus they’re boring