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Your 6 Steps to Success

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Target The Right Prospects

Our initial meeting is most important.  We are here to listen and work with you to ensure a highly successful campaign.  Begin with your geo targeted area and build from there. Don’t worry if you have several levels of criteria. At We Mail, our technology will allow you to pick and choose to find your perfect customers! We can mail from 1000 – 1,000,000,00 pieces anywhere in America! We will assist you with this entire process during our first meeting and along your marketing journey.


Select Your Perfect Direct Mail Piece

We have everything from mailable menus, all size postcards, plastic postcards, contesting scratch-offs, and highly luxurious pieces. We will look at industry trends of what mail piece is historically most successful for your business. We’re here to help you make decisions based on your goals. All of that will be in line with your budget while delivering a highly impactful and successful campaign


Select Your Dates To Mail

At We Mail we can mail all at once or we can activate our print and hold function. Our print and hold allow you to bulk print and store over 3 or 4 months. You pay the printing and fees upfront and then we will only change you for postage for future mailings. You will incur a minimal storage fee for us to hold your product. This works perfectly if you want to select different geo targeted locations over a period of time


Time To Custom Design Your Ad

At We Mail we take your ad design very seriously. We believe in the concept if you have strong mailing data in the perfect areas but your ad is not compelling, your response rate will be low. Engaging, compelling, motivating, impactful and purpose driven ads get results. Your Results Consultant will partner with you along with your Graphics Specialist to design a custom ad perfectly suited to drive consumer engagement.


Multi-Screen Additions To Your Campaign

We have a suite of services that can enhance your mailing results:

Call Tracking: We can track all the calls coming in that are directly related to your ad by using a special tracking phone number on your campaign.

QR Code: We add a QR Code to each mailing that gives you a chance to extend your messaging beyond your mail campaign.  The QR Code can be programmed to point to any location directly related to your business.

Geo Targeted In Box Messaging: We not only deliver impactful ads to mail boxes around your business, we also do the same to thousands of customers inboxes within your target area! Ask us for more info about our 7-day digital campaigns that include behavioral data, retargeting, social media, & data retrieval for you!

Mail to Mobile Texting: Learn more!


Measure your Results

Your We Mail America Results Consultant will stay in contact with you during your ad development and once your campaign has been delivered. During that time, we will analyze the data against the goals we set from our initial meeting. If needed, we will adjust geography or creative based on initial response rate. Our goal is for you to be a lifetime customer and to accomplish that, we need to bring you superior customer service. That is our commitment to you!