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  • Posted by: We Mail America

Benefits of Mail Marketing for Real Estate Investors

Today, most marketers have embraced digital marketing. Social media platforms have become a battleground for businesses fighting to sell their brands to the right customers. However, as a marketer or a real estate investor, you need creativity and combined efforts to stand out from the crowd.

While it is good to go with trends, especially with digital marketing, it is equally important not to forget the traditional ways of marketing.

They say “old is gold,” and this is what mail marketing has proven over the years. If you look at the statistics and the response rates of direct mail, you will understand why it is still an effective way to sell your brand – better than digital marketing.

Here is what real estate investors can benefit from mailing services!


1. Direct Mail is highly targeted to specific sellers


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Not everyone is interested in selling their real estate property. Rather than sending a bunch of emails or social media posts to unknown persons, you can use direct mail to target a few motivated and interested prospects.

When identifying potential home sellers, don’t rely on their location alone. Your prospects will vary depending on the type of investment property you wish to buy.

Use lead generation software to track them based on their behavior.

Some of your target audience will include;

  • Owners of inherited or probated homes.
  • Owners of vacant and distressed homes,
  • Out of state owners,
  • Long-time property owners, and many more.

Once you compile a list of your target audience, it will be easy to mail them – expecting a higher response rate


2. The mailing response rate is high

According to Forbes, approximately 42% of people read their direct mail. Another study by Direct Marketing Association found out that the response rate for mail marketing stands at 4.4%. The study further revealed that the response rate for digital marketing – email and social media, was less than 1%.

These statistics are enough proof of the effectiveness of mail services.

Thus, the most efficient way to get more serious sellers for a real estate investment is to use direct mail.


3. Mail volume is down

Technology is here with us, and every marketer is struggling to be ahead of time. Businesses want to be recognized as the most creative and innovative in terms of technology use. What they don’t know is that everyone is doing the same thing – using digital advertisement strategies.

Despite its effectiveness, mail marketing is not common in the digital era. And any marketer who invests in direct mail marketing will stand out unique.

Real estate deals require devotion of time, money, and effort – which is visible from the moment you send out your ad.

Since the mail volume is down, there is room for real estate investors to send out personalized ads and display their willingness through direct mail.


4. Local relationship prevails

In real estate, local relationship counts. Such deals require someone who understands the local market well.

This is because some local factors like geography and market fluctuations can influence the value of a real estate property.

Digital marketing might not allow you to exemplify your expertise in the local market, but direct mail does. The personalized messages can help real estate investors attract a pool of interested prospects and build a lasting relationship with them.



5. It’s easy to scan and keep a memory of direct mail

Direct mail creates an emotional effect on your target audience compared to digital marketing.

According to research, 79% of households admit they at least scan if not read a direct mail. They say that it’s visually appealing, and it portrays that the marketer took time to design, personalize and connect with the prospect through the mail.

Your clients are likely to remember the contents of your direct mail after a long period- especially when you make it personalized, scannable, and visually appealing.



The Bottom Line

Direct mail marketing is slowly coming back. It has continued to gain the interest of many marketers wishing to reach more prospects and to get higher response rates. This marketing technique allows marketers to target specific and willing individuals.

Since mail is less competitive, any serious real estate investor will see an opportunity to reach interested and reliable sellers and make that big real estate investment.