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  • Posted by: We Mail America


In an increasingly digital world, most businesses have ditched old-age marketing methods and embraced digital marketing. However, some brick-and-mortar marketing techniques like direct mail are still effective and in service.

According to statistics, about 73% of American consumers prefer being contacted by direct mail. They say that they can open and read them whenever they want.


Direct mail is personal, tangible, highly personalized, and targeted.


According to Data and Marketing Association, the response rate for direct mail is at 4.4%. This is higher than the email response rate, which stands at 0.12%.


From the statistics, we can affirm that direct mail marketing is far from dead. And if it’s integrated with digital marketing, it will enable businesses and marketers to reach their target audience while driving home more returns. But how do you combine these two powerful marketing strategies? Find out more below.


Direct Mail and Email

Integrating direct mail and email will help you increase response rates – but the results will depend on how you execute the two strategies.

A marketer using direct mail and email achieves better customer satisfaction, brand awareness, and increased ROI.


When using direct mail and email, you should target the non-responders – those who do not react to your email marketing campaigns, no matter how enticing they are. Create a list of the non-responders and craft a targeted and highly personalized mail piece.


Many consumers have a more robust emotional response to physical advertisements. They are likely to keep a memory of the same for a long period compared to digital marketing ads.


When integrating direct mail and email, send the email first, then do a follow-up with a direct mail, perhaps a week later. When the target audience receives the direct mail, they will want to find out more about you, and what you are offering – and will definitely check the email you sent or visit your site.


Pro tip: when sending out direct mails, ensure you digitize your print materials. For instance, use QR codes, augmented reality, or near field communication in your direct mail to direct your audience to a social media campaign, a cool and informative video, or any of your other digital campaigns.


Direct mail and Social media

Approximately 53% of the world’s population uses social media. This explains why many businesses market their products and services on Facebook,

 Twitter, Instagram, among other social media channels.


But with the many ads and displays on these platforms, a marketer will need combined efforts to attract the attention of their target audience.


Even though social media and direct marketing are enormously different, they can complement each other if used together.


Try using social media icons on your postcards, and you’ll be surprised about the number of shares you’ll receive. Include QR codes on your postcards to lead customers to your social media channels. Use Facebook to build better direct mail lists.


Pro tip: Before sending out many direct mails to an audience, use social media to test geographical targets.


Bottom line

Marketing is the backbone of any business. The efforts, resources, and strategies you use will determine the success of your business.


The best way to boost your marketing is to combine efforts: like integrating direct mail and digital marketing. Such a trio will help you reach your target audience more effectively and also boost the response rate.